Fuji 2805-T75G Mini-Mite 5 – T75G Gravity HVLP Spray System

Price: $1,125.00
(as of Oct 25,2021 11:07:18 UTC – Details)

The MM5 PLATINUM system uses the most powerful 5-stage turbine on the market (same as the Q5 PLATINUM system). This system is recommended for those who want the extra power available. Included with this package is the Fuji T-75G non-bleed spray gun. Obtain a professional finish with all known coatings. The Fuji T-75G features a 600Cc gravity cup. The standard air cap set is the general purpose #3 (1.3 mm) for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, latex, water-based coatings and more. Easy to maintain. What’s new in the Mini-Mite PLATINUM series the Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Chamber: Fuji Spray has designed a unique method of removing any heat build-up from the turbine case. Excess heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Chamber located at the rear of the case. Because the hot air is dissipated evenly through an optimum surface area with 60 holes, there is no added hiss or loud whistling noise. There is also no blowing around of dust. The benefits of a cooler running unit results in a longer life for your turbine motor compared to standard turbines. Fuji Spray noise reduction covers: The Mini-Mite PLATINUM turbines are equipped with a method to reduce noise. The noise reduction covers house the filters. Ambient air is entrained only from the rear effectively removing any direct sound paths. Air is drawn in through a large rear aperture and through specially designed ‘finger slots’ for optimum performance. The 5-stage turbine develops approximately 9.5 psi. Additional power allows the user to apply heavier coatings and thicker viscosity finishes faster and with less time spent on preparation of materials. Five bonus items included inside every Mini-Mite 5 PLATINUM package – 5 for 5 (6 ft. whip hose, wet film gauge, 19 pc. spray gun cleaning kit, extra turbine filters and always measure booklet – record your material preparation and results). This unit is for North American 120V plug only. For 220V capacity, please contact Fuji Spray directly.

5-Stage turbine produces 9.5Psi
Features the noise reduction feature + Heat Dissipation Chamber (HDC)
Professional spray gun features convenient side pattern control knob to adjust size of Fan pattern from small to large